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MODEL 2600

Single output, ultra low noise/stored energy power supply: ±30/60 kV @ 500 μA

  • Wide output voltage range
  • Very low ripple
  • Stored energy under 0.65 J at 30 kV
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Digital control interface
  • C and LabVIEW software

Model 2600 is a high-performance, modular high voltage power supply with factory-configured positive or negative, 30 kV or 60 kV full-scale output. It delivers excellent performance in all critical power supply parameters, including output ripple, stability, temperature coefficient, and regulation, and can tolerate continuous short circuits without damage. It employs our state-of-the-art active noise cancellation system to achieve exceptionally low ripple and stored energy, thereby minimizing sensitivity to arcing.

It is well suited as either a system component or stand-alone laboratory instrument, in applications requiring a stable, regulated, low-noise source of high voltage such as electron microscopes and focused ion/electron beam columns used in lithography.

Automated control

The power supply is controlled and monitored through an RS-232 serial communication port. An external computer can program voltage setpoint, ramp-up, voltage and current limits, and metering gains and offsets.

Screenshot of LabVIEW software for Model 2600

Input voltage22 to 30 VDC
Line regulation< 0.001% for full 22 to 30 VDC input change
Output polarityPositive or negative (factory selected)
Output voltage0 to 30 or 0 to 60 kVDC (full scale programmable)
Output current500 μA rated (1 mA maximum) with external cooling
Ripple at full output and load< 100 mV peak-to-peak for 100 μA
< 200 mV peak-to-peak for up to 500 μA
< 1 V peak-to-peak for over 500 μA
Load regulation at full voltage< 0.001% for 0 to 100 μA change
< 0.01% for 0 to 500 μA change
< 0.05% for 0 to 1 mA change
Long term stability< 10 ppm per 1 hour
Output protectionShort circuit and arc protected
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C
Note: External cooling must be provided to the enclosure for output currents over 200 μA.
Programming resolution16-bit for full output voltage
Voltage monitor resolution16-bit for full output voltage
Current monitor resolution16-bit for full output current
Product manualModel 2600 Instruction Manual
Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
30 kV full-scale output (specify polarity when ordering)
2600-30-F 30 kV power supply with flying lead $1,619 $1,483 Call
2600-30-C30 kV power supply with CPS HV connectorCallCall 
60 kV full-scale output (specify polarity when ordering)
2600-60-F 60 kV power supply with flying lead $1,892 $1,720 Call
2600-60-C 60 kV power supply with CPS HV connector $2,882 $2,620 Call